Repelent impregnace PREDATOR Outdoor 200 ml

Volume: 200 ml. Repelent with insecticidal effects Predator Outdoor ensures long lasting efficacy. Repels, paralyzes and kills all mosquito species, ticks and other troublesome insects. I t contains water resistant aditives and is suitable for impregnation against water. Ensures protection of upto one month after proper treatment of textile surface. Apply onto clothing, boots,sleeping bags, anti-mosquitoe nets etc. It does not decrease permeabilty for water vapors and can,therefore, be applied onto textiles such as Gore Tex, Sy Sympatex etc. Its efficacy was tested by the National Institute of Public Health both in laboratory and field in the flood -prone areas of bottomland forrests. Active substances content : DEET 249g/kg, Permethrin 10g/kg,. Water resist aditives. It ranks among the most efficacious products for protection against insects available on the market.